The admission to the Brazilian Cattle Project can be done by Brazilian companies that develop activities related to zebu cattle raising and that have nationally recognized products and services.

Portfolio forwarding is required for analysis of the developed work, as well as the necessary documentation.

Benefits to our participants

Our activities are focused on market prospecting and consolidation in tropical countries, for which we develop various types of activities such as prospective missions, participation in international events, development of technical workshops in several countries, organization of image project and buyer project, which enables the coming of opinion-former journalists, technicians and breeders to Brazil, to get to know the Brazilian livestock industry, in addition to the clients of our members who are invited to start their businesses.

In the international fairs, the partners have a stand with a layout developed in order to favor the contacts and negotiations. Prime areas are acquired where, following the guidelines and studies of Apex, we develop the layout evidencing primarily Brazil, the ABCZ/Brazilian Cattle Project and the partners, with the logos of each in a standardized way; ABCZ’s technical support is also always available at events, as well as press rounds or business roundtables, thematic happy hours and other types of activities that are strategically developed with the goal of promoting the concentration of breeders and technicians and thus favoring their negotiations.

In order to support this work of opening and consolidating the market, we develop an advertising campaign every year, with pieces for publicizing the project and its members. Promotional and technical guides are made with information about the activity, products and services of each partner, as well as their dissemination on the Brazilian Cattle website, the institutional video of the project and various other pieces and advertisements made specifically for each event.

Through ABCZ, we assist in articulating the opening of sanitary protocols, adjusting nomenclatures for export and any other negotiations and interventions necessary for the viability of opening new markets and maintaining existing ones.

Brazilian Cattle has at its disposal the ABCZ International Hall, located in the Fernando Costa Park in Uberaba, which is available for meetings and actions of members, as well as using it to host international visitors throughout the year, mainly during the exhibitions that take place in the park, such as Expozebu, where the hall is transformed into a lounge specially prepared to meet all the needs of the international public present at the event and the project members who develop their contacts and businesses.


How to become a member:

1) Contact ABCZ’s International Relations Department:

Phone: (34) 3319-3997; or E-mail:;

2) Forward the portfolio of the interested company or property (farm);

3) Payment of an admission fee to enter the project and payment of monthly fees;

4) Presentation of counterpart by participating in the actions of the project. The values ??of the admission fees and the monthly payments are different for companies and properties (farms);

5) Comply with all existing legislation applied to export processes, according to the product or service, including compliance with the health protocols, as determined by MAPA and OIE, for genetic material and live animals, as well as the meritocracy plan foreseen in the current project.






Membership admition


Montlhy Payment 







R$ 8.000,00


R$ 1.200,00